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    Notes: Diet was a little weak yesterday, but I felt good all day. I just didn't eat enough. Everything I did eat was clean though. My workout was great. I did assisted chins instead of pulldowns, and I think it worked so much better at exercising my back and biceps. I'm doing them from now on. I got my weight this week on bench too, so I'll be able to go up again next week. Went to the grocery last night and bought some tuna. I'm going to try to work it into my diet in the place of the soups. More protein, plus omega-3. Can't hurt.

    Bench: 135X10, 165X8, 175X8
    Incline DB: 60X8, 65X8
    Deadlift: 135X10, 170X8, 180X8
    Bent Over Rows: 100X8, 110X8 (I realized I was doing these wrong, so I tried the proper technique and realized I can do a lot more weight.)
    Smith Shrugs: 180X10
    Assisted Chins: 2X8
    Assisted Dips: 2X8

    Good Workout
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