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Thread: Pain in the arm

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    Pain in the arm

    Hi all,

    4 weeks ago i decided to get into weights again.
    This time concentrating on nutrition and generally trying to do things right.

    I am pleased with the results so far but am concerned with a dull ache ive been getting in my right arm. Not in the muscle but in the tendon on the upside of the elbow..

    I dont believe i am over doing anything, but the ache occurs after only a few reps on a medium weight dumbbell. I am fully extending the arm during the exercise.

    It may be ive torn something, but i really dont know...sorry for the rant but its hindering my progress,cos im worried about working thru the pain. Any advice is appreciated - Thankyou.

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    what's your weekly routine?
    What exercise are you talking about?
    Do you warm up?
    Were you starting slowly 4 weeks ago? Have you got thru your initial soreness?
    Where, Bicep, tricep, or in between...
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    3 times x 45min a week.
    Usually it hurts when doing basic bicep curls
    Yeah i warm up for about 5 minutes before.
    Yeah i started slowly, and went through a brief period of soreness.
    I am really not pushing that hard - just using light/medium weight.
    Theres a dull ache/which is very uncomfortable in between the right arm.
    Thanks in advance.
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    Are you talking about the area between your elbow and wrist? If so, I had that pain when I first began too...Im pretty sure its your forearms muscles...They just arent used to the direct work. Mine went away after about a month. I would just make sure not to work it beyond a tolerable amount of pain.

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    Thanks for your reply Minime, no its literally right on the upside of the elbow.

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