so i had big plans to go on tour with my friend's band this summer, and unfortunately that isn't going to be happening. instead i'm going to stay here, and have a short trip to savannah GA in about a month. i have a bunch of money saved up for this summer, and i'm pretty sure i want to use it on gear (and a gigantic atlarge order). i have a few questions...what should i start with? i have inzer wrist wraps, and i'm going to get the same inzer knee wraps, because i have horrible knees, and they go nuts when i squat heavy. i'm also going to get a belt...i was thinking about this one to start with.

and also, i want to invest in some briefs. i know tommyboy, you said the inzer ones aren't worth a ****, so what else should i look at? also a squat suit...what should i look at there for starting? and how much can i expect my squat to go up once i get used to it? thanks to anyone that reads this, and chimes in.