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Thread: Dieting question based around carbs.

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    Dieting question based around carbs.

    I have a problem. Im soon to start dieting down and usually with my advice from on here and many other sources i tend to keep protein high fats at a good level and carbs down a a little cycing them usually.

    This time im looking to recomp and shall be using AAs as i have used before.

    My stats are as follows -

    age - 21
    weight as of today - 200 pound
    bf - 14-15%

    My problem has come when ive gone through my diet with eddy ellwood some or maybe more of you will have heard of him he has won mr universe on several occasions etc.

    Well he outlined the below % shall we say and cal levels.

    total cals = 3200

    Protein = 200g - 800 cals - 25%

    carbs - 520g - 2080 cals - 65%

    fats - 40g - 320 cals - 10% minimum fat he said.

    All opinions on this welcome i know builts guna come at with me some interesting comments because it goes against alot of what every1 in this forum has discussed yet its hard to argue with the guy. He thinks that these levels should help me recomp to 200 pound at 10% or sub.

    All comments appreciated

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    my journal

    weight 202 - (bf around 14%)
    Bench - 286
    deadlift - new pr on the 23/12/06 190 kilo (430 pound)
    squat - 264 ATF


    200 pound at 10% bf by next summer

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