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Thread: I Just Got Nitrean

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    I Just Got Nitrean

    So today my nitrean came and I could not be more excited to try it. I got it and just tasted it now so I thought I would share my thoughts.

    Nitreat has a way more natural flavor than the whey I use to have. I had chocolate by the way. I could never do just Whey and Milk it tasted terrible. The Nitrean is just so smooth and the taste is just so natural.

    The other part is it is so much smoother than Whey, it mixed so much easier and I feel like I will be able to use the Nitrean with anything. Plus the fact it has all the protein blends just gives it another plus to me.

    I used about 4 tubs of Whey before deciding to switch to Nitrean and I am very happy I did. Great product you guys got.
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    Thank you very much!


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    I love Nitrean. The chocolate flavor works well for me, mixes well into oatmeal, can just use a basic shaker cup to mix it up, don't get any chunks and tastes good.
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    yeah the chocolate is great
    haven't tried vanilla
    and I'm not really a fan of the strawberry
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    The vanilla is awesome. I am out of Nitrean and bought some EAS stuff, tastes like dog crap in comparison. My next tub of protein will be from Atlarge.
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