hey guys ive been reading the articles on this site for a couple of weeks now and decided im ready to pick up a plan and start working out. ive read up on the wannebebig routine #1. i want to make some modifications to make sure this plan meets my goals. right now im about 5'10 and 160 pounds with practically no upper body strength. even though im not overweight, i think im overfat because i have a higher body fat percentage than muscle mass. i want to work off all this fat (mainly in chest) and start building some muscle, mainly in the upperbody (chest, arms, forearms) and yes i know about working the whole body instead of just an isolated excercise. i want to start a program that builds muscle every other day and works on cardio on the off days. so basically upper body day then cardio day then legs day then cardio day..etc. i want to do simple excercises like bench press, bicep/tricep curls, etc. i dont have much time in my gym for deadweights or squats. how much should i bench when i workout? my max? half my max and work up? also how should my diet workout? lots of protein items? any good protein shakes available at publix or something i could buy? if someone can answer my questions and make a workout plan for me that would be great. thanks a lot.