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Thread: Ab Rope Pulldowns

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    Ab Rope Pulldowns

    Is this a good exercise for your abs? I've been trying to do these and I don't feel much in my abs... Is this because I am not doing them right or because it's not really and effective exercise for your midsection?
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    I know people that do them, but they've never really appealed to me

    I just grab a 45lb plate and hop onto a decline bench and do like 3 sets of 8-12 situps and that's about it
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    I do them for a change of pace and find them quite effective. You really have to concentrate as your stomach.

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    Don't use your arms to pull the weight. Lock your arms and crunch with your stomach.

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    Stand up, face away from the weight stack, use enough weight and I guarantee you'll feel it in your abs.
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