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Thread: HELP! Gym doesn't have squat rack!

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    HELP! Gym doesn't have squat rack!

    Hi there, the gym I attend does not have a squat rack. Do you guys think smith machine squats are the next best thing or should I engage in a different exercise?

    Also, when I do my straight-legged deadlifts I feel some tension in my lower back (right at the erector spinae muscles), is this a good thing or bad thing with straight legged DL's?


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    Find a new gym.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Rock Steady View Post
    Find a new gym.

    Why sign up when there's no real lifting equipment?

    ...If finding a new gym is REALLY not an option, I'd have to settle for a smith squat. I wouldn't like it though. It's a very, very poor substitute.
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    It is possible to do squats without a squat rack.

    You will need two friends to lift the bar off the floor and put it on ur shoulders.

    When u have finished the set u have the option to drop the bar or get ur buddies to lift it off.

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    You could do single leg squats with dumbells.
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    Quote Originally Posted by schmitty199 View Post
    You could do single leg squats with dumbells.
    I've seen the 'Pistol' with light weights. Not sure I'd be comfortable carrying a couple 60 lbs dumbbells while doing this. Of course pressing your own body weight with one leg should be sufficient at certain levels.

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    My gym has none either, conventional squats ae not the only way to build your legs, dont worry, you can do zerchers, lunges, box step ups, deadlifts, leg press.

    If you are training more for strength than size, and would like to train towards being a powerlifter, then i think you might want a squatrack. but its not the end of the world.
    Quote Originally Posted by Everyone View Post
    I agree with McVein

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    Hmm a gym that does not have a squat rack... i'm really new to this but.. damn...

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    Front squat - Power clean it up into postition
    Hack squat - You can start off of the ground anyway
    Zercher - You can get it into place off of a bench press rack or something
    Lunges - Use dumbells
    Over Head Squat - Again, power clean it up

    If you can't power clean that much don't sweat it. Front squats are a lot harder so you'd use a lot less weight. And over head... well the bar is plenty for me, haha.

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    Quote Originally Posted by schmitty199 View Post
    You could do single leg squats with dumbells.

    No. That is dangerous. Stability becomes a problem. All it would take is one little slip or stumble and you are on your way to the dentists. I suppose you could hang on to a support with one hand but then you are creating uneven torque on the body.

    To the OP: Deadlifts and DB lunges should work your legs nearly as well as a squat.
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