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Thread: Pain in left tricep??

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    Pain in left tricep??

    When i was deadlifting with the diamond was my first rep of my first set and all of a sudden my left tricpep started to hurt. I positioned my hands on good spots but it hurt. Now its just like stiff. What could this be..what should i do?

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    Pulled it? Minor Tear? Who knows... Maybe it's actually some very rare arachnid that has buried into your elbow and laid eggs on your tricep... They have now hatched and are looking for something to eat.

    That's worst case scenario of course... Ice it, rest it, check with a doc if it still hurts after a couple days.
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    If it continues to hurt REST it. I know its difficult to take time off from bodybuilding but further damage would cause you to miss a lot more time. I've had injuries and tried to lift through them, and ended up regretting it.
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