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    I'm relatively new here. I've been lurking for the past few months, and made my first post ever simply to praise ALN's Nitrean product... But I think the community here is cool, and since I am keeping a FitDay journal and tracking my nutrition for the first time in my life, I decided to start a properly formatted public journal here as well.

    I decided to keep a journal because I quit smoking a few weeks ago and I found that I was binging. The journal is intended to help me stick to my guns and get me back on track after three weeks of slipping!

    It is not a temporary measure, though. As you will see, I have well defined short term and long term goals, and I intend on maintaining this journal the entire time I work towards them. This is a turning point for me, not a quick fix. It will make more sense if you take the time to read the short bio I posted up, though that is hardly necessary.

    Note: My name, Noxon, has nothing to do with the barrage of crappy 'nutritional' products on the market that call themselves "NOX" this and "NOX" that. 'NOXON' is the name of a silver polish, and I chose it as my Counter-Strike nickname many, many, many years ago because I have a thing for palindromes. So, with that out of the way...

    I'm 22 (Edit: Now 23) years old, 5'10".


    Progress Tracker
    • Weight: 169 lbs. Start / 195 lbs. Currently
    • Body Fat: 16% Start / 18% Currently
    • Deadlift: 285 x 2 Start / 315 x 2 | 335 x 1 Currently
    • Bench: 185 x 3 Start / 225 x 8 | 255 x 1 Currently
    • Squat: Unknown / 255 x 5 Currently
    • Day 1 Pics: Relaxed / Flexed 001 / Flexed 002 / Undies Quads Shot
    • End of Cut Pics: Coming end of August. =O
    • Freakin' Huge Pics: Check back next year!

    Personal Training Goals / Intent
    Short Term:
    • Cut down to < 10% body fat / 150 lbs. overall weight.
    • To hell with all these goals, I decided to recomp and then get bigger. Which is exactly what I've done.
    Long Term:
    • Be healthy, look great, increase functional strength.
    • Get to 185 lbs. LBM and maintain there at 6% to 8% BF.
    • Never exceed 14% body fat at any time during my training, including bulk periods.
    • Increase raw strength as much as possible while staying inside my BF parameters.
    • Increase flexibility, especially in my hips and groin where I have lost a lot of it over the years. I want to be able to high kick over my head again without straining my groin and do ATF squats with moderate weight.
    • Increase the strength in my knees and slowly cause the tendons / ligaments in my left knee to get stronger by doing lower body exercise that is intense, but not so intense that I risk re-injuring my knee.
    • Target Date: 4/01/2009 - Start Final Cut

    Overall Nutritional Goals
    • Consume 'clean' calories only.
    • Track calories closely during all stages. No see-food bulking. Only slow, controlled bulks that do not exceed the calories my body can make use of each day.
    • Balanced diet of carbs, protein and fats.
    • Nothing crazy. No fad diets. Just good, solid nutrition.
    • Strong emphasis on whole foods where possible.

    Calorie Intake / Output Tracker

    • Creatine 5g/Day: Already been on for ~3 weeks.
    • Protein: Nitrean as needed to ensure that I have a daily protein intake that is at least 1.5g x LBM. Already been using for ~3 weeks.
    • At Large Nutrition's ETS: To assist with DOMS and soreness in my knee. Not yet started.
    • Multi-Vitamin: OneSource for general vitamin and mineral nutrition.

    Exercise Routine
    I am following Built's Baby Got Back routine with some minor modifications to suit my rehab needs. It is posted a little further down the page.

    About Me
    In an effort to bring down the Great Wall of Text that has unjustly divided the good citizens of my journal into Northern and Southern Noxonians, shattering families and dividing a nation, I moved the bio to a page on my web server. Those curious for a little background about who I am and why I train are welcome to read it here.
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