I attended a meet being ran close to my house today. It was run by Shawna Mendelson at the gym she owns. It was small meet, only about 10 lifters...but some huge benching/attempting took place. Quick rundown:

One of my training partners, Jim "The Bus Driver", benched 430@198 and 44 years old in a hand me down single-ply Rage X.. It was his opener and he just missed 465. We put him in a bench shirt for maybe 6 workouts total. He's very strong. He will bench over 500 real soon in a meet.

Another guy I used to train with, but now mostly trains at his house and raw, benched 400@242 Raw and 20 years old. That was his opener and he did a full bench workout two days ago. He showed up at the meet to watch/help and Shawna asked him to lift. Pretty sick because he is tall with long arms.

An 18 year old kid from Staten Island benched 405(I believe) Raw and then tore his pec trying 425. I don't know his name or what he weighed. Strong kid though.

Now the real freaks:

Scott Sceppe(sp?)- 740@198!! New all-time record for that weight class. Straight nasty. He just missed 760 near lockout.

Glen Russo- 930@308(weighed 298)!!! Sick, Sick, Sick!!! 2nd highest bench of all time@308 and 4th highest overall. Took 1000 after that and dumped it on his belly, he was ok.

Scot Mendelson- Bomb@SHW. Missed 1015, No touch on 1055 and 1100. Yea, 1100.