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Thread: Holiday + weights....

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    Holiday + weights....

    I ve been lifting since january in preperation for a rugby season in september and i ve been making some healthy gains. But im worried about the summer holidays as i have quite a few weeks of holidays booked where i probably won t be able to acess a gym. so i was wandering how not having acess to a gym would affect my progress up till then and are excersises using body weight (eg. press-ups) able to maintain my strength for a few weeks while im on holiday? any feedback would be much apreciated.

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    Depends on how long your not lifting, like how many vacations. Just keep eatting a lot and do some BW excercises or find a gym if you can. Some hotels have some. If your really focused on getting stronger you will find a gym or atleast a way to do some BW excercises. If you weren't trying to get strong by Sept I would tell you to not really worry about it and just eat, but you wanna get as strong as possible by Sept.

    You can do pushups, bench dips, walking lunges etc. Use a backpack and fill it with stuff for some weight or use some bands.
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    There are gyms everywhere. Pay $5 for a one day workout at a gym near where ever you're going.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Bako Lifter View Post
    There are gyms everywhere. Pay $5 for a one day workout at a gym near where ever you're going.
    agreed.If you really want to train you'll find a way.Use your imagination, so much you can.
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    thnx for replys, of course i will try to find a gym but it will b hard cos im sailing around for a a week then going to quite a remote house in greece so ill probably just be doing the BW excersies. But im away for about 4 weeks and if in a worst case scenario, i can t find a gym at all for the whole 4 weeks but i eat a lot and do regular BW excersies will i lose much muscle mass?
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    not If you keep your diet up...
    one legged squats, pull ups, chin ups, inverted rows, hamstring bridges, sprints, dips, declined push ups

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