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Thread: Digital weight scales really suck.

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    Digital weight scales really suck.

    I've been using one of these and every time I step on it it gives me a different reading. I'll step on and get a weight, step off and step right back on and it would give me a weight different than 2 seconds ago. You don't know where exactly you are. I bought a more standard household scale and did a test first thing this morning as soon as I woke up.

    The normal scale gave me a consistent reading, 155. I then stepped onto the digital scale that gave me 2 different readings, 152 and 153.

    Do digital scales just suck ass and I should just stick with the normal, standard scale?

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    Take a step back. Realize devices are not 100% accurate. Also realize that it was a 1 pound difference.
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    Why is this in the form of a question?
    If the normal scale is good for you, then use it. There are plenty of either kind that do not give completely accurate readings.

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    Yes, but when you are trying to gain 1-2 pounds a week, a pound can make a world of difference. On the digital scale, I didn't gain any weight this week. The normal scale? 2 and a half pounds gained.

    I know nothing is 100% accurate, but I'm assuming from my testing that standard scales with the little hand showing your weight on the scale is more accurate than a digital reading.

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    As long as you keep using the same scale it should be fine. It's more important to track changes rather than absolute weight.

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    Does the digital scale measure into tenths of a pound?

    If it measures like 228.9 one time then 229.9 right after, that is kind of strange. I'd say just try and step on it the same way each time, or ebay/craigslist it and get a new scale.
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    Nope, no tenths of a pound.

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    Get a better scale. My digital just weighed me the exact same, 3 times in a row, right down to the tenth of a pound. DO NOT buy one that runs on changeable batteries. My has a lifetime lithium battery.
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