Hi Guys,

Sorry if I have posted this in the wrong section but I just wanted to ask a quick question about IDEAL Weight.

There are a load of charts that talk about the average persons ideal weight compared to their height ... and my question is NOT about this.

Basically, I am 6ft 3 and currently weigh about 219 lbs @ approx 17% fat. My aim is to be 10% fat and I was wondering how much you guys think I should weigh in order to NOT look too skinny (if you get what I mean).

If any of you follow UFC my aim is to be in similar shape to Andre Arlovski who weighs about 240lbs.

Based on this, I think that 10% fat @ 240lbs would be something I should aim for? What do you think? I agree that it isn't something thats going to happen overnight, rather it's something to aim for.

Thanks for any input