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Thread: Neat Story.

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    Neat Story.

    I work at the student activity center and currently we are hosting the Michigan special Olympics. Yesterday, I was downstairs in the weight room checking equipment and there was some athletes training or warming up on the deadlift. I thought it was cool not only that these mentally impaired athletes were working out but they were going to competing in power lifting. Also I saw them work up to a single of 225 and a couple of them probably had an easy 100 pounds left in them at that point. Pretty cool stuff if you ask me.
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    Anyone who has never volunteered at a Special Olympics should. It can be a life-changing event.
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    I do a Polar Plunge for the Special Olympics each year and it's amazing. Seeing the smiles on individuals of unfortunate genetics and situations is great to see. A lot that I have met are amazing people in character and in speech. I'm glad they can make such a difference in the community and in others in growing.
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    I'm going to look into this, it's something i've always wanted to do.
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