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Thread: Ok to increase deadlift 10lbs/week?

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    Ok to increase deadlift 10lbs/week?

    Hey i am currently doing the 5x5 bill starr program and it is going great. I am finally breaking plateaus that i've been sitting on for almost a year. Now im following this program strictly, and my deadlift has gone up. Now my squat is considerably higher than my deadlift since i been doing it alot longer. So my question is, is it safe to up my deadlift 10lbs/week instead of 5lbs? The weight im doing right now is 245 x 5 while my squat is 300 x 5. I want my deadlift to be more than my squat, and it should. So will this be safe? 245 x 5 is awefully easy i just don't want to hurt myself.

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    What I do is warm up, and then try the next weight I am going to, since it is usally 5-10 lbs increases I try it and see how it feels if I only do one rep and it don't feel right then I drop it down a little, but if it feels fine then thats my new weight.
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    If you are lifting well under your capacity, then yes, go ahead and increase it as needed. As long as you aren't planning to get 10 lbs/week for the rest of your life!

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    Thanks for the advice. Ill go ahead and try to catch my deadlift with my squat.

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    It's impossible for any of us to tell you what is "safe" or not "safe" thats' up to you. However, the short answer is... of course it's a great idea to up a deadlift 10 pounds every time... the hard part is to be able to keep doing it!!!
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