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Thread: The 6 who carry you.

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    The 6 who carry you.

    The speaker in church this past weekend was speaking about relationships and their importance.
    " When you're on your deathbed..what's going to go through your mind? Your job? Your house? your car? no. You're going to look back on your life and upon all of the relationships along the way. Even the most career,goal oriented person in the world will be thinking about the people they've touched and been touched by...
    Then the speaker went into something that reallystruck a nerve with me.. (been thinking about it since.)
    "When I think about my funeral and try to picture who my pallbearers will be it makes me think. I'm sure that there could be some that would do the job as long as they didn't have anything more pressing in their schedule. These are not the people that I want lifting me up and carrying me for one final time. < symbolic in my eyes as true friends lift you up and carry you when you are unable > Those that you know will be there are those that maybe you need to make sure you invest as much time as possible in to take your relationship to that next level. "

    He went on and I remember every word but for this place that about takes care of it.
    I'll admit that I've always kinda envied not having a "crew" to run with.. It usually only lasts a second because when I think about it.. I have friends EVERYWHERE..all over the damn world.. and can pick and choose what kind of night I want to have by who we get together with.

    But to sit and think "Who is going to be carrying me to my final resting place?"

    That really thins it out. I don't even have someone for every corner, yet. Knowing my funeral I'll have a couple juiced protegees to just handle it themselves..

    Made me think though... Y'know?
    There's a couple people I really need to get back in touch with.. Budiak being one of them...
    Namely because I want my ashes blasted out of a cannon like Hunter S Thompson and he's the only one allowed to light the fuse.
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