I've been a pallbearer at two funerals for grandparents, along with my brother and 4 cousins. Seems like a respectable way to go out when you hit that age.

I have no roots. Military brat. Longest I ever lived in one place is 3 years growing up. Makes it hard to keep a childhood friendship alive. Some late highschool friends are still really good friends but hundreds if not thousands of miles away. Been in the Niagara area for almost ten years now and am just starting to develop solid freindships I know will last forever.

That bond of growing up together is something I see with about 50% of people. The rest seem to have drifted away entirely from childhood contacts. ****ty highschool years or just growing apart, I don't know. I'm always a little jealous of those who have maintained such strong ties with their childhood chums.