I have been trying to cut for over a month now, i have lost about 11 pounds but my body fat has not dropped as much. I am 5'11 @ 189 now with 15% body fat. I think i prlly dropped like 1 or 2 percent or so.

Due to my schedule and other aspects its hard for me to eat 6 small meals a day so i usually end up eating just 3 normal meals a day, and don't get to eat the full 6 can you make progress like this? i try to eat oatmeal in the morning with a protein shake, then perhaps an egg white sandwich or a chicken wrap, and for dinner i eat a lot of chicken breasts, meats etc. Occasionally between meals ill eat some walnuts and cashews or a banana with peanut butter. Also i did not count my protein shake after a workout and in the morning.

Any advice as i know a lot about dieting, but i just dont know how to apply it correctly.