As the title suggests, today was my second time in a shirt. I've put on about 4lbs in the last month (depending on the time of day) so the shirt was a little tighter than last time I wore it.

Some folks drove in from Moose Jaw (I live in Regina) to help me with my shirt and a training partner of mine with his squat suit. It was a lot of fun and I set a big PR.

4 weeks ago I did 270lbs in the shirt which was probably close to my 1rm at the time. Today, I hit 275lbs for a single, then for a double!

If I had to guess I'd say my 1rm would be 290lbs right now. Hoping to get 315lbs on August 5th at provincials. Learning to use the shirt better and getting hella strong in that time should make that an easy goal to attain!