north yea. my chins are weak, but i'm going to keep working on them. i think i'm going to through in a few more sets of as many as i can do until i can do a few solid sets.

risk you may be on to something. an ice cube up the butt might help.

chubs def a great movie. val kilmer's second best movie. with tombstone being the best, of course. i lift in my university gym and everynow and then in my buddies garage. yea, this injury sucks. not exactly the type of injury you brag about.

bearwolf thanks for the kind words. hopefully i want have to squeeze my stomach. i have a feeling these stool softeners will keep me from having to do that. i may try those lunges. we'll see how it feels. i'm not suppose to do anything that involves the squatting motion. so, we'll see