Ok this is a strange one. A good 3 weeks ago I was doing some stretching and leaned over to my right side, I felt a pull in my lat almost as if I`d strained it or something. I couldnt stretch it fully as it was quite painful. Thought I must have just pulled it on back day or something and thought nothing of it.

After a few days it didnt go away and I felt the skin around the area, it was extremely tender and felt lumpy. The pain goes from the erectors sideways up into my lat. Upon closer inspection I could see lumps and small pink blotches ( similar to tinea versicolor ) that seemed to have spread a fair bit. I have had tinea allover my body before but it never was sore or lumpy so it cant be that. I literally cannot touch it now as its that sore ! I plan on going to the docs as soon as I can get there but has anybody got any idea what this might be before I go ????