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Thread: Should I bother walking/jogging?

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    Should I bother walking/jogging?

    I just got a tracking number for my rack and bench, so im so happy right now, can hardly wait for them to arrive.

    I went outside today and realized the sidewalk that circles my apartment building ... is a circle. I figured it'd be perfect for running/jogging around. It's cheaper than a treadmill, and right outside my door. Should I try to structure a day or two with something like HIIT? Like keep a good jogging pace, then do short sprints, and cycle. I might have misinterpreted HIIT, so bear with me.

    I feel like I'm trying to do everything at once... my primary goal is losing getting body fat % down, secondary would be muscle gain... bulking and cutting aside, for someone who has never worked out before, is it possible to make some gains in strength, while losing fat at the same time, just by exercising and correcting my diet?

    (P.S. Even though some people might find cardio useless, I think cardio might be a good idea all around, because heart problems seem to be common in my family, and I'd like to beat genetics if I could. Also, since my fat is mostly my gut, I figured a higher risk of diabetes isn't something to look forward to either... since I'm 21 and without those problems yet, I figured theres no time like the present to start workin out. I'll stop rambling now. Thank you )
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    Alright! I'm done cutting for now. It's been a long ride, I went from obese to average. Now to put some muscle on, then cut again down the road.

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    Sure, do some HIIT.

    I like to do a five minute warm up at a moderate pace, then three rounds of 1 minute all-out sprinting followed by 2 minutes jogging at a moderate pace, and then a five minute cool down. When this becomes too easy you can either add another round or you can just start running harder.

    Another option is Tabata, which is pretty much a four minute trip to hell. You basically sprint for 20 seconds, rest for 10, sprint for 20 seconds, rest for 10, etc. for four straight minutes. Don't think that sounds hard? Try it. Some people do this with front squats, thrusters, on bicycles... basically whatever you can do that doesn't have a great chance of injury (benching, deadlifting or back squatting would not be ideal). It doesn't take much time but it's very unpleasant. I tried it recently and I've been too scared to try it again.

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    If you're trying to get your BF% down, then doing some HIIT around the block would be a good idea IMO.

    And yes, I think if you just started, you could lose some fat and also increase your strength...
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    Quote Originally Posted by philou123 View Post
    If you're trying to get your BF% down, then doing some HIIT around the block would be a good idea IMO.

    And yes, I think if you just started, you could lose some fat and also increase your strength...
    Yes newbie gains. Could last for a few good months.

    Getting diet on track and exercising will have profound effects.

    Becareful though, since you are new to exercising HIIT can kick your arse.

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    Naw man.. just get a wheelchair
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    yes, definitely.

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