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Thread: Hand placement for Benching

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    Hand placement for Benching

    I've noticed that my hand-placement compared to everyone else that I workout with is considerably closer towards the inside of the bar.

    My question is, how does this effect the development of my chest muscles and does the distance between your two hands effect which muscles on the chest you are working out?


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    Your chest is one you can't really say will the distance "effect which muscles on the chest you are working out"

    closer grip usually hits triceps and chest
    wider grip mostly hits chest...less triceps
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    I also find that a close grip works my front delts alot harder.
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    Yea, what he said...

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    good qi\uestion

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    Quote Originally Posted by deeder View Post
    I also find that a close grip works my front delts alot harder.
    I use a close grip to bench, and I've had times when my chest wasn't even sore, just my delts and triceps were.
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