My name is Sarah and I'm getting into Power Lifting because it is really fun! I've been tagging along with LynnLynn and Guido at the gym for the past month or so and now it is time to get my own log going! I'm a 26-year old female, 160lbs, 5'9", with a fairly athletic build.

My hobbies include running, TaeKwonDo, soccer and now, lifting! When I'm not working out I'm working my tail off as a Ph.D. student in applied economics. Working out is my time to chill and I love it! I usually do cardio in the morning and lift 3x/wk in the evening.

Today-Squat Day

BB Squat
WU 6x65, 4x85, 2x85
1x135-not very low due to mental failure
failed on second attempt-physical failure!

Box Squat
3x95-no probs

Standing BB Curl

Straight Leg Dead Lift

Skipped calf stuff 'cuz they are massive (runner's calfs)


Cardio today
15 mile bike a.m.
20 minute row machine before lifting to warm up