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Thread: Deadlift routine

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    Deadlift routine

    I'm new to deadlifts, but have been doing them for the last 2 months at least once a week. I've worked my way up to a 1RM of 405 but probably could have done more. I guess my question is more of a critique on my sets. I am doing these sumo style as they are much more comfortable to me. Here's my weight and sets, please let me know if I should be doing more/less reps:


    I ask if I should be doing more reps because I never get sore after doing these. I feel some tightness in my lower back but never sore. I don't want to jump into heavy weight too much just yet because I am still trying to perfect my technique, although after 2 months I think I have it down pretty good. I have noticed some good results in my back while doing these. I never done deads until I started coming on this site and seen everyone talking about how critical they were. I really like doing them now.
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    your not going heavy enough
    my rule is always deadlift heavy.

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    Way too much volume for warmup, IMHO.

    Why even waste time with the 135? Total waste of time and effort. I try not to ever warm up weight that's less than half of what my working sets will be.

    You say you want to perfect your technique. Doing 15 reps isn't going to help that at all, at any weight.

    I'm not a big fan of doing DL's of more than 4 reps in a working set.

    Here is my usual DL scheme:

    185 x 5 (warm up)
    225 x 5 (w/u)
    275 x 3 (w/u)
    315 x 1 (w/u)
    335 x 3 x 3-4 (work sets)
    Rest between w/u sets about the time to add/remove plates and re-grip.
    Rest between work sets 2-3 mins

    And remember, soreness is NOT an indication of a good/poor workout.
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    my routine varies from like

    or like

    never lighter then 3pps

    oh and i get sore and get a good workout
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