over the past 3 months or so i have gotten a little carried away with eating as little as possible to loose weight, i did no research in cutting i just ate as little as possible, and i looked at myself propperly in the miror today after a few comments from work mates who i aint seen for a few months wondering if i have been ill. to give you an idea of how much i have lost, i was a 36 inch waist and im now a 29-30inch, i have lost 2inch off my chest and half an inch off either bicep, personally i think i look better my muscles are alot more defined, before i looked like i was full of water,although i did look better and fill out my clothes more now i look better without my top on.........anyway i am drifting from the point, i want to know what you suggest i do to gain back the weight as lean muscle instead of fat.

forgot to mention b4 i started cutting i was 16stone 1lb now im around 13stone 4lbs