The Five Biggest Contradictions in Fitness
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The Five Biggest Contradictions in Fitness

Itís no secret that when people contradict themselves, it has the effect of making the flaws in their actions or statements seem glaringly obvious. But what about when WE ourselves get caught contradicting ourselves by someone else?

By: Nick Tumminello Added: January 6th, 2014
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    Senior Member HighSchoolGuy's Avatar
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    2 1/2 Months, How much can I expect?

    So most of you here are cutting like mad to get those 'abz' for the summer. Me, I'm only 140lbs at 5'10" at 10% bodyfat, i've been told I'm built but only from skinny people. Anyway, I've started lifting 2 years ago but it's been on and off. I've started seriously lifting for the past month and went up to 147(i know its not much but it's still some gains) and I recently got sick and went back down to 140. This summer is my senior year and I really want to make a change, I'm not expecting to come back to school huge and ripped, but how much mass can I gain if I am extremely dedicated over the summer break (2 1/2 months).

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    Watchya talkn bout willis
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    Aug 2006
    If your still getting the newbie gains I would say probably around 10-15 pounds of LBM if you work hard.
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    Senior Member Mr. D's Avatar
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    Eat Big. Increase your lifts each week. Get lots of rest. You can put on 10-15lbs in that time.

    There are lots of good programs to do: Madcows version of 5x5, WBB1.1

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    Senior Member HighSchoolGuy's Avatar
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    Oct 2004
    I've been doing WBB1, I was thinking this routine:


    Exercise Sets Reps
    Flat Dumbbell Presses 2 6-8 (Warmup sets, 50 x 8, 60 x 5, 70 x 3)
    Incline Dumbbell Presses 2 6-8
    Standing Military Presses 2 6-8
    Dips (weighted, if you can do more than 12 reps) 2 Unlimited
    Close-Grip Bench Press - 3 x 6-8


    Exercise Sets Reps
    Squats 4 6-8
    Leg Extensions 2 6-8
    Seated Leg Curls 2 6-8
    Stiff-legged Deadlifts 2 10-12



    Exercise Sets Reps
    Standing Calf Presses 4 6-8
    Dumbbell Lateral Raises 2 10-12
    Barbell Upright Rows 2 6-8
    T-Bar Rows 2 x 10 -12
    Straight Abdominal Crunches 2 Unlimited
    Twisted Abdominal Crunches 2 Unlimited


    Exercise Sets Reps
    Deadlifts 2 6-8
    Chins (weighted, if you can do more than 12 reps) 2 Unlimited
    Dumbbell Rows 2 6-8
    Dumbbell Shrugs 2 6-8
    Barbell Bicep Curls 2 6-8
    Seated Dumbbell Hammer Curls 2 6-8

    My problem is whenever i do the 5x5s, it's as if it's all mental and I don't feel it in my muscles. Like when you hype yourself up for a set and you do it too fast and regret it because you don't feel it in your muscles...or maybe it's just me.

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    Your really skinny so you could add a lot of mass in 2 1/2 months. I wouldn't get all wrapped up in what routine you do, I did this when I first started working out and I wasted a whole year. Concentrate on diet and you'll make a change that you'll be happy with.

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    Breaker of Skulls Guido's Avatar
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    As long as you incorporate some good heavy compounds in your lifting and eat plenty you'll see good gains as a beginner. I'd say in 2 1/2 months you could expect 15-20lbs gain in weight (not all muscle, but at least a good amount) if you are really smart and dedicated to it.
    5'9" 195 lbs
    DL 600x1
    SQ 490x1 (raw)
    BP 430x1 (shirted), 320x1 (raw)
    SN 209x1 C+J 250x1

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    Wannabebig Member G O R T's Avatar
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    Quote Originally Posted by HighSchoolGuy View Post
    I'm only 140lbs at 5'10" at 10% bodyfat, i've been told I'm built but only from skinny people. Anyway, I've started lifting 2 years ago but it's been on and off.

    Why on and off?
    Do heavy weights seem to set you back?
    Are you eating enough yet?

    If the typical suggested routines of working heavy as possible are not working and you are eating enough, try some GVT for awhile.

    No less than 8 sets and always just 60 seconds between sets.
    Stick to the basics:

    Rows or pulldowns for back and biceps. 10x10
    Bench or dips for chest and triceps. 10x10
    Squats or legpress for quads. 10x10
    Military press for shoulders. 10x10
    SDL or goodmornings for hamstrings and glutes. 8x10
    Throw in some calf and grip work. 8x10

    You do not want to fight the weight so use about 65% or your 1RM, you want a serious burn to develop by the fifth set and keep getting worse!

    Each 10x10 should take 15 minutes so this is two 50 minute workouts each week. At frist you may be sore till the next workout but this will improve. Try it for a month and see if you respond.
    47 / 6' / 212lbs

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    Senior Member BFGUITAR's Avatar
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    Hey im exactly like you! Im 5'11 and was 145 pounds during my grade 12 year and in the summer. At the end of Augest I said enough and wanted more muscle, to look good, and feel good.

    Heres my progress

    Keep going back to my first set of pics. I went from 145 around, to 192, and than down to 185. Currently im at 180.
    Really, I feel I have bad genetics and chances are you could put on gains alot faster than me. Good luck!

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