I'm going to go on a bulk starting August 1st, as I want to get my 1RM up to the following:

Flat Bench Press - 225
Squat - 315
Deadlift - 275

Is this an ideal goal? If my squat max right now is 210, my bench press is 160, and my deadlift is 205, how long would this take if I took the 'eat everything in sight' approach (and I DON'T plan on continuing this approach after I get my newb gains out of the way)

At what point does it no longer become a newb gain and it becomes tougher to gain muscle? I'm sure everyones bodies are different, but is it possibly that I could get my current 1RM up to the goals within 2-3 months? I'm going to use WBB1.1, and eat around 400 grams of protein/day with about 200 grams of fat and maybe 200 grams of carbohydrates. That's like 4,200 calories.

My current stats are 6'2, 180 pounds (I was 205 back on April 17th), and about 16-17% BF. I'm trying to lose as much BF as possible until August 1 so that I will be more motivated when I begin a bulk, because if my bodyfat is much lower, I'll probably 'see' the results better than if I had a layer of fat anyways. I'll probably lose a few pounds of muscle along the way (hopefully I can get to like 160 by August 1, and be a twig to begin my bulk).