Around last February (2007) I started getting a sharp pain around my tail bone area. I dismissed it thinking it'd go away after a couple weeks, but it never did. When I tried to do a leg workout, even with light weights, whenever I squatted down I felt sort of a ripping/tearing pain. So really I haven't done anything for my legs in awhile.

Then just last month, out of nowhere during school, I started getting lower back pains. If I ever leaned over in my chair it would start hurting, and whenever I stood up, I'd have to take about 20 seconds to straighten my back because it felt so stiff. Whenever I stand for a long time it'll start hurting too. Whenever I bent over to pick something up like a dumbell or barbell, it would hurt my lower back. Even when I leaned over to get a drink from the water fountain it hurt. A couple years ago my brother hurt his lower back playing football, and the doctor said he had a "degenerative bone disease," and my dad said he thinks I might have the same problem.

So really, I'm asking for help building a leg workout without something that would put stress on these two parts. It sucks because I was really looking forward to power lifting for high school. Freshman year I had won first place (really really small meet, but first place nonetheless). And my legs have always been one of my strong points up until this happened. Just last summer, at 15, 146 lbs, I squatted 275 a good 4 reps.