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Thread: Most effective bench regimen?

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    Most effective bench regimen?

    In high school, my weightlifting coach made us do a workout for bench that gradually decreased reps and increased weights. For example, when my max was 250 I would do 190x10 200x8 210x6 220x4 230x3 240x2 and 250x1. Is this a effective way to work bench, or is there a more effective way available?

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    It's not bad, but you have to constantly vary your workouts, you can't do the same thing every week. I personally like to use triples and singles a lot, where you do do 3+ sets of 1 rep with 90% of your 1 RM.

    Increasing your bench press also involves working your triceps with heavy weights, as well as a lot of upper back work.

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    Schemes like decreasing reps and increasing weight are not very productive. By the time you gets to weights heavy enough cause overload and adaptation, you 'vespent a lot of your energy. Warming up to a working weight with mulitple low rep sets, then doing sets across with the working weight is far more productive in producing strength increases. Consider buying the book practical programming.
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