Day2 - Quad Dom.

5 105kg Squats
5 110kg
5 115kg
5 120kg
5 122.5kg

8 72.5kg Front squats
7+1 72.5kg
4+4 72.5kg

8 115kg SLDLs
8 125kg
8 130kg

2x8 37.5kg Curls
8 40kg

Squats good depth and form.
Front squats now clean grip. Had to do last on 2nd set from pins - freakin tough. And last set readjusted grip.
SLDLs hurt my butt.
Curls good.



50 burpees - 3:43

Beach rugby.

Burpees cut down from 5something.
Beach rugby good, tackling was poor. Need to be more aggressive and focused.

Mate should be over today for vert. and probably do some squat singles for fun.
Dropping day4 this week so I can get back to Day1 starting sunday.



Day3 - Vert.

5 45kg Millies
5 50kg
5 55kg
3 57.5kg
2+1push 60kg
2 60kg

2x5 BW(88)+5kg Chins
2x5 BW(88)+7.5kg
5 BW(88)+10kg

3x8 40kg Arnies

8 BW Pullups
9.5 BW
9.5 BW

2 105kg Squats
1 120kg
1 130kg
1 140kg

Millies fun. On the push press I screwed up and my body sort of swung awkwardly under the bar.
Chins okay.
Arnies awesome. Barely got last.
Pullups okay.
Squats awesome, first 3plates per side!



Reps of 21/15/9
40kg OH squat

All squats were definitly below quarter but not many below parallel. Wrist cained throughout with the OHs and then slamming bodyweight on them. Good effort, had atleast 20secs less in me though.
Also, I'm still practising handstands. As of now, I often get the 'feel' for the right spot and catch but I'd guess 1 in 5 at the moment lasts 2secs or more.



Day1 - Horiz.

5 70kg Bench
5 80kg
5 85kg
5 85kg
4+1 87.5kg

5 137.5kg Deads
5 145kg
5 150kg
3+1+1 155kg

2x8 52kg Incline DBell Bench
10 52kg

2x8 65kg BO Rows
8 70kg

2x20secs Side Planks
3x30secs 20kg Planks

I hate bench.
Deads- stupid grip.
Inclines run out of weight, although might be able to reorder the discs so I can fit more on.
Rows forgot to increase on 2nd set.
Planks interesting.



Day2 - Quad Dom.

5 105kg Squats
5 110kg
5 115kg
5 120kg
5 122.5kg

5+3 72.5kg Front squats
5+3 72.5kg
4+4 72.5kg

8 115kg SLDLs
8 125kg
8 130kg

2x8 37.5kg Curls
8 40kg

Squats too much toe drive in places. Thinking of training squat to barefoot, thoughts?
Front squats, need to concentrate to get rid of that toe drive. Reracked to fix form and grip, probably be sticking around here to fix that.
SLDLs, my butt hurts again. Probably deads yesterday, GMs seem like a good call here.
Curls ezzzy.


3 30kg OH Squats
2x3 40kg
2x3 45kg
3 50kg

50 Burpees for time

OHs good, need to work on shoulder activation abit, not entirely solid, particularly with the strain on wrists.
Burpees freakin awesome, stood still only a few times for breath, cut 20seconds off!

Tomorrow I should be having a lesson in Oly Lifting. I've been emailing the SouthEast representative for the British Weightlifting Association, should be sweet.
Even though I suspect most of the stuff I'll be doing will be PVC or bar, I don't think I'll workout tomorrow. It'll be a long ass vert day with SLDLs and static holds thrown in.



Day3 - Vert.

5 45kg Millies
5 50kg
5 55kg
4 57.5kg
5 52.5kg

5 BW+5kg Chins
2x5 BW+7.5kg
2x5 BW+10kg

2x8 40kg Arnies
7 40kg

3 60kg Snatch grip half deadlift
3 90kg
3x3 80kg

12 BW Pullups

3sec static holds 140,150,160,160,160

Millies okay. Going to start making sure I nail all 5.
Chins good.
Arnies felt weak.
Deadlifts interesting. Need to work on form on these. They're an ancillary exercise I learnt from the oly coach. I say learnt, I still don't think I'm doing it properly.
Pullups good.
Static holds fun stuff.



3 40kg Clean
4x3 45kg

3 45kg Jerk
3 50kg
3x3 55kg (2R)

Tabata Squat thrusts

Oly stuff was fun, not too difficult. One problem with form that the coach spotted was whenever I shrug I drop my chin right down.
On tabata forgot to count. I couldn't be bothered to do some more lengthy fitness, which reminds me, I haven't done intervals in a while.



Rest day.




5x3 40kg Snatch
1 45kg
1,1 50kg

5 80kg Bench
5 85kg
5 85kg

5 137.5kg Deads
5 145kg
5 152.5kg

8 65kg BO Rows
8 67.5kg
8 60kg

Snatches took a while. Good stuff. Dropped a 45 from not concentrating and a 50 from the hole after keeping it there for 3secs. I was told to get comfortable in the hole for 3secs before coming up so all were done like that.
Bench alright.
Deads, grip awesome. Form ****. I used my camera and it showed what a lack of arch I have. Its pretty clear I have fairly straight legs and am going to have to go back to scraping my shins. Stupid lanky legs.
BO Rows okay, again lack of arch shown.


The other day went up to Woking - a 2hour journey costing me 30 to go to the nearest Oly coach there is to me.
Learnt ALOT, great stuff.

I'm waiting on getting some routine advice from the guy because I'm really stoked about this stuff. I may gear things almost entirely to Oly and if a 185kg total by next year starts to look realistic then I'm going to be completely focused on it. If I stay in my weight class and hit that total by then I could qualify for nationals. I don't want to get too excited, its early days and I've got to see how I get on. This could be completely outside of my capacity, but then it also might not be.

Heres the routine:


warmup/practise: cleans from high hang; low hang; straight arm hang. 1/2x3 20/30kg

Cleans from hang. 6x3 50-57.5kg - Increase when all succeed. All full squat.

Practise Jerk. 6x3 47.5-55kg - Increase when all succeed.

Front squats 6x6 55-75kg - Increase when all succeed.

Deadlift (half, snatch grip) 6x6 40-50kg - Slow, slower down.

Situps 3x15


warmup/practise: OH Squats 3x3 10/20kg - Wobble in hole, some with eyes closed.
Snatch from high hang; low hang; straight arm hang. 1/2x3

Snatch from high thigh hang. 6x3 30/40kg - Increase when all succeed.

Back squats 6,4,4,4,3,3 - Increase when all succeed.

Light Dbell Bench 3x10

Deadlift (half, clean grip) 6x6 70/90kg - Strict arch.

Hypers 3x15


Anything you enjoy or did not do on other days. But no more than 6reps.

Still thinking about this one but likely: chins, press, arnies, rows, curls, dips, and maybe GMs, DL varients.



HIIT 20on/40off 9reps

50 Burpees

HIIT was great. 2 reps cut short a couple of seconds and not all were forcing top speed throughout.
Burpees took 5secs off. Also had more rest than previous attempts so must have been doing them quicker. Had to fight not being sick for 10mins after though.




3x3 50kg Hang cleans
3 52.5kg
3 55kg
3 57.5kg

4x3 50kg Jerk (L/R/L/R)
2x3 52.5kg (L/R)

6 55kg Fronts
6 60kg
6 65kg
2x6 70kg
6 75kg

2x6 40kg Half Snatch Deadlift
4x6 50kg

3x15 Situps

Cleans felt pretty strong, still need to work on stopping chin dropping.
Jerks fairly easy, definitly more secure now.
Fronts awesome.
Deadlift still need to get back tight. Will probably use video to help on this.



Rest day.