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Thread: Confessions of a lift addict.

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    Confessions of a lift addict.

    Below is my first post I made when I had a go at bulking. Next couple of pages are following that and then aload of posts where I wasted my time followed then by what I'm currently doing.
    At the moment: following BGB, enjoying weightlifting and strength gains and generally making an effort to eat more.

    I entered the weights room about 1.5years ago at school. I'm not sure
    why, times were kinda ****y and for some reason reason I felt compelled to go
    there. I was your average quiet, small geek with a small group of
    friends and I would routinely go up there after school - mostly when it was empty -
    and just lift. I never once thought, 'man I'm gonna get big if I keep
    this up' or how much I could potentially lift. I just went up there and got on with it.
    About half a year ago someone pointed out I had large pecs (excessive
    bench I can only assume) and I realised I was somewhat bigger. I wasn't
    the biggest or strongest in my year but suddenly I was able to compete.
    Since then my confidence and self-esteem has sky-rocketed. I have a
    large circle of close friends, my grades have only gotten better and
    I've managed to pick up an Army Scholarship along the way.
    Weightlifting given me this concept of self-improvement. I must better body, mind and soul. Be bigger, stronger, faster; be smarter, more mentally agile; be happier, have better relationships and interactions with the people around me. But don't get me wrong, I'm still quite lanky, largely weak and even lazy at times but I would be nothing without iron.
    I really hold weightlifting responsible for my successes.

    That was then, this is now:
    Its now summer and I've decided I'm gonna stop pussyfooting around and
    do a real routine. I started BGB 3days ago. Its going well, but its
    strange to be sticking to a routine someone else made rather than a somewhat poor routine I keep changing.
    Its been awkward to implement since I've been moving house. At the moment I don't have a permenant address so I've left my gear in my mates garage. We often train together in everything, cardio, weights, sports specific(rugby mostly), the lot.


    (-thanks for the help Built.)

    -brackets represent alternate excercises due to limited equipment. (I have a york bench with squat rack, 2bars, 4dbells, 120kg(266) total. Now have to buy 4more 10kg(22) discs.)
    1. Horizontal push pull
    - 5x5 bench
    - 5x5 deads
    - 3x8 incline dumbbell press
    - 3x8 bent over rows
    + calves/abs

    2. Quad dominant, ham accessory
    - 5x5 heavy squats
    - 3x8 front squats
    - 3x8 pull throughs (SLDLs, Swiss ball curls, GMs)
    + biceps curls

    3. Vertical push pull
    - 5x5 chins
    - 5x5 millies
    - 3x8 lat pulldowns (Assisted chins with bands, one arm rows)
    - 3x8 arnies
    + calves/abs

    4. Ham dominant, quad accessory
    - 5x5 SLDLs
    - 3x8 GHRs or GMs
    - 3x8 split squats, walking lunges or front squats
    + dips

    EDIT: This is done across a week. 1,2,rest,3,4,rest,rest. 1st day being Sunday.


    Food wise I'm not having a planned diet. I don't think its necessary to be honest. Instead, I'm couting cals and macros every so often on consecutive days. I'm eating regularly and excessively (infact I found my upper limits a few days ago.). My diets alot more sound than it used to be and I'm eating more fruit and overall its pretty healthy now.
    Really, I'm only concerned with two things: High protein and high cals. That and variety are going to always be in my head when I eat. Gotta beat that blasted maintenance - which is a pain when your young, male and very active.
    I'm getting this up in my kitchen:
    This is my motivation, I look at it when I think I've eaten enough:
    I'm also getting aload of meal ideas to keep around my kitchen.


    I'm ordering soon, its hard with not having a permanent address and net access but I'll make it happen.
    I'm getting:
    Nitrean, AtLarge - a shake a day as post-training or part of meal.
    Meal Replacement bars, Maximuscle - to replace meals when I have crap access to food. I ussually have a bag of nuts or something similar on me when I'm desperate.
    I'm also getting am multi, need some reccomendations on them though.
    And I currently take _________ (forgotten name) to increase synovial fluid in knees and an omega-like supplement to increase fats used in the brain. (ill post names soon)


    Cardios a b**** for me in a different way it is for others. I love pushing myself so I love cardio just as much as weights - I know, its disgusting. Anyway, I've still got boxing once/twice a week, I've still got rowing every week, and I've still got several courses that will be heavy cardio(but more importantly ziltch weights) during the summer.
    Originally I was really worried about it all but I've now decided to keep most of it in. Instead, I'm going to be conscious of over-training - trying to manage any leg cardio away from weights to avoid over-training. I'll also probably drop a few sessions, but more important I'm gonna make sure I nail that 8hours+ sleep and eat ALOT more to compensate.

    Age: 16
    Height: 6"1
    Weight: Almost 12stone (168Lb/76kg)
    BF: ???

    Think thats pretty much it - I'll edit in anything I've missed.
    Now posting last 2days workouts and will try and post as often as I can. And I'll upload some pics soon aswell.

    "Pain is temporary."
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