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Thread: Critique my Deadlift

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    Critique my Deadlift

    And also on RDLs how wide should my legs be?
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    Looks pretty solid.

    I use shoulder width stance for RDLs.

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    Looks good to me. What is your grip like? i can only see one hand in the video?

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    You need to go heavier for us to give you a good critique.

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    I think Eric Cressey and others frown upon hyperextending the back and leaning back like that.
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    There are a fair amount of people that really don't like the over pull. A lot of the Finnish Pullers swear by it though.

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    Weight is the deciding factor in whether your form is good or not. That was entirely too light for you, and for us to properly critique.
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    I don't know if it's your shirt and **** picture but it looks like your lower back rounds on the first reps. It doesn't look like your back is flat at all. But I think you need to up the weight so we can really tell.
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