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Thread: Conditioning First?

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    Conditioning First?

    my question is, should I raise the conditioning of my body first (work capacity) before implementing HIIT and sprint training?

    ok just an overview of where my body is at right now (conditioning-physique wise) on the scale of a 1-10 i would place myself along the lines of a 2-3 more along the lines of 3. 350lbs...30%BF, i have pretty good athleticism and physical ability for my size and shape (i can hang with those in better shape than me for awhile in bball and grappling) but not at where it used to be....and i don't want to keep living in the past...

    i was thinking about doing some walking first to raise my conditioning first and then increase the intensity of the sessions as i raise my conditioning...but all contributions would be greatly appreciated.

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    I would simply get your diet some what reasonable, be active for 5-6 hours per week (lift, walk, bike, swim), and be patient. At your weight, I would be hesitant to run just because of the impact on your joints.
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    At your size some conditioning work before starting an intense exercise program would definitely do you good. Your diet definitely will need attention. Read the nutrition forums on here to get an idea of how/what/when you should be eating. Start off with light, low impact activity like Anthony suggested.
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    thanks you guys, i really appreciate it.

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