Vid to come soon.

How thats 2' midget I call a coach knew it I dont know, but he knew exectly what was gonna happen.

Snatch, warmed up good,
55kg/121lbs, easy
60kg/132lbs, easy again,
65kg/143, FAIL.

WTF, I hit 70/154 for a double in training, and I **** up on that!!!!!

Clean and Jerk
65/143, FAIL, my bad jerking got me, I didnjt stabilise, right arm dipped back down, 3 red lights.
65/143, but shaky under it, but much better.
70/154, SMACK, landed that bitch like a warm up.

I got nervous, freaked out a little... and somehow he knew exactly what would happen. Im not happy, and cant wait for my week break to be over so I can come back and rip it up again./

Vid as soon as I can, need to buy the cable.