I know ultimately in the end it will be my decision on what goals I want to achieve, but here is my question. I noticed most people set bodyweight goals, squat, deadlift, and bench goals. I'm not worried about my bodyweight but I would definately like to set goals for my bench, squat, and deadlift.

I'm very new (if you want to check my journal in my sig for an idea or some history) and I don't want to set them too high and get dissapointed when I don't get them quickly. But I also don't want to set them too low where I don't push myself hard enough to get them. I guess to make a long story short I want some help on what I could set them.

The only goal I've really been pushing for up to this point is hitting my bodyweight with the bench. Which is only 135 so I'm not too far off (115). And i've hit a 200 dead already so maybe 270 (2xbw) for that? I dont think that sounds too unreasonable. And maybe a 175 squat? Ive never maxed on squat but Ive done 110 for reps fairly easy. You guys think those are too easy for now? I can always add new goals once i reach those. Thanks for the help!