Ok normally I don't have a problem with Best Buy. This is the second time I have had to return an item because I found out they screwed me in the ass.

I bought a 512mb stick of DDR memory from Best Buy for $64.99. I then found out that I could have gotten the same stick of memory online for less than half that.

The other day I bought a 3ft HDMI cable for $49.99. I just picked up a 6ft from newegg.com for $14.99 w/ free shipping.
I will be returning this open item in hopes they will mark it down and only partially screw someone.

I know that all I had to do was research online, but I should'nt have to do that, they should price their items at a decent price. THey are charging people 2-4 times the price for their items. I just think its ****ed up!

The only thing I will buy from Best Buy are DVDs. I'M FED UP!