I lifted today at a meet in Eastern Long Island(about 25 minutes from my house). It was run by my team(John Bernor and East End Barbell). It ended up being a very small meet. We actually all lifted in the same flight(13 lifters) and there were no bench or deadlift only guys/girls. I finally busted out of my funk and put together a decent meet. Here's the breakdown:

AAPF 165 Open

1st- 600x1(Very fast and easy)
2nd- 650x1(strong/30 lb meet PR)
3rd- 685xmiss(grinded up near lockout and started to lose balance backwards)

1st- 330x1(touched to low/had to ease it back and lock it)
2nd- 350xmiss(there was a head judge issue here/lol)
3rd- 350x1(10 lb full meet PR)

1st- 500x1(very easy)
2nd- 540x1(10 lb All time PR meet or gym/ not too bad)
3rd- 580xmiss(went for the Elite total/got it up to my knees)

Total- 1540(80 lb meet PR)

I think I had 685-365-555 in me today. I could have broken 1600 if I was perfect. So that is my goal for my next meet. My last squat warmup was horrendous, so I tightened my belt one notch and got a gangsta knee wrap from my buddy Spero and the opener was so easy. That really set me up for a good day. The American record in the squat in 683, so I tried 685. I loosened up a bit in the hole and still fought it up to near lockout. I just started to fall back right at the top and the spotters had to grab me. No biggie. I'll be gunning for 700 the next time I compete. The bench went ok, but I felt I could have done 365. The second attempt we did a last second head judge switch(since the head judge was my lift-off guy) and he kinda fell asleep on my press call, lol. He felt so bad, I didn't really care. Just kinda left me with a "what if" feeling. I need to work my bench more and get a newer shirt anyway. If I bring that old rag to another meet I think CT is gonna smack me. Then it was time to pull. I felt like I got hit by a truck. My back was cramping like hell, but the warmups felt light. The 500 was a smoke show and 540 wasn't much slower. I knew 580 was a long shot, but I had nothing to lose at that point so I went for it.

Overall I was happy, but of course I am never satisfied. I'm real glad my squats were strong and depth was not an issue. It turns out I guess I am a poly squatter. I went with the poly briefs/poly suit combo and it felt real good. This next training cycle I'd like to push my Raw strength up some more, which seemed to help. As I said I'd like to, when money permits, get a new bench shirt and push my bench up where it needs to be(400+). I'm gonna keep doing the deadlift type stuff I've been doing. That seems to be working well and I think I'm on the right path to 600.

Next time I step on the platform I want to break 1600. I won't be happy with any less.