hey guys, had a quick go at making a decent calorie shake today, but didnt have many ingredients to use.. so here is what i used/made:

1.5 cup Ice-Cream
1 cup Whole Milk
0.5 serve Weet-Bix(1 brick) *
1/4 Cup Milo Powder **
1 Tbsp Peanut Butter(crunchy)

* = http://www.weetbix.com.au/weetbixfam...-original.aspx
** = http://www.nestle.com.au/milo/

so it tasted great, didnt take long, and took like 2 mins to drink!

i ran out of peanut butter, i would gladly put 2-3tbsp next time, and i can probably make it 1 serving of weetbix instead of 0.5

can someone tell me roughly how many calories that would have been?
and can someone suggest anything else to add to it which wont change the taste but will boost the calories!? next time ill definately up the weetbix and PB