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Thread: Possibly creapure made me ill?

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    Possibly creapure made me ill?

    I have been taking creapure for a few months and on Friday morning i went camping (carp fishing) for two nights and on the second night it was like the worst night of my life i didnt sleep one minute felt so sore in the stomach at first i thought it was the chicken and i had food poisining but luckily its not that. Then i thought it was off the tap water there but it seemed pretty fresh. Then i thought it was possibly a hernia but there is no lump. So now i am thinking the creatine? The first night it seemed to be in my stomach now it seems to be my bladder area and stings when i urinate but luckily no blood or pain in the kidbeys. I want to go back on the creatine but would like your views first thanks sam.
    I have been to hospital and had a urine test the lady said she couldnt find anything and she will send it off to the lab and that was it.
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    You need to go see a doctor. Burning pee generally isn't something you should let slide.
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