1st Annual NASA Pro Championships - March 16th, 2008, OKC.

$15,000.00 in Guaranteed Prize Money

Awards DUPLICATED for Curl, Bench Press, Deadlift and Total!
Are You Athletic Enough To Compete?

Power Sports©, developed and implemented by Rich Peters in 1996, was designed to test an athlete's over-all strength levels. The mere fact that no supportive equipment is allowed is a testament of the athlete's confidence in his strength levels and his true power as a strength athlete.

*Curls - demonstrate bicep, upper back and shoulder girth strength.

*Bench Press - displays the strength level of the athlete's chest, shoulders and triceps.

*Deadlift - The true test of over-all body strength using the legs, lower back, upper back and shoulders.

Sign Up Deadline: The DEADLINE for all lifters to register as a Pro Power Sports© Lifter will be 9-1-07. Once the lifter has registered as a pro he will be required to attend a minimum of 2 NASA Events for competition in Power Sports© between his date of registration and the Pro Championships. This is mandatory and no exceptions will be allowed under any circumstances. Please don't even ask. All Pro Competitors MUST notify the meet director at any meet he attends that he is a Pro Power Sports lifter and present himself for testing at these meets. The lifter may or may not be tested at the meet he attends. In the event that a lifter tests positive for anabolic steroids in any meet he shall forfeit his Pro status for life.