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Thread: cutting weight

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    cutting weight

    my stats:
    5' 7"
    175 lbs
    wanna get to about 150-155lbs.
    im not too weak but not too strong, i do have belly fat which i need to lose.

    i recently started to cut weight by cutting down my calories and lifting more. my daily caloric intake is about 1800-2000. i have cut out all sugary drinks, ice cream, candy etc. i eat more protein now and a lot of veggies and fruits.

    my daily foods:

    sandwhich with roast beef and a little cheese
    a few apples
    some bananas
    salads with low fat dressing
    at night some brown rice and salmon/chicken/steak (all lean)
    also for breakfast some dannon light and fit yogurts with only 60 calories
    im also gonna start taking nitrean soon enough

    i lift 3-4 times a week. i do things like squats, bench, incline bench, curls, power cleans, deadlift, abs, back, rows etc.

    will this program help me cut fat? i figure i'm cutting some calories and lifting so i shouldnt lose too much muscle and i should cut the fat off of me.

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    throw some cardio in there too

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    sounds like protein and fats are too low and carbs too high if you want to achieve that kind of fat loss at your starting weight.

    Aim for 1g/lbm of protein and 0.5g/lbm of fat.

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    And find a routine.

    WBB1.1 or BGB or even Madcow 5x5

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    Find a set routine.
    Know what you put in your mouth.
    accept the fact that you will lose muscle at the same time as fat. is your friend and an eyeopener.
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