Check out this blog for some information on some new ideas in bodybuilding and body recomposition.

As you may have guessed, the "diet" involves 16 hour periods of fasting and 8hour periods of concentrated eating. There are several well-developed people indicating great results. The idea is creating better than average partioning through fasting and no longer needing to worry about eating every few hours, yet never feeling satisfied.

The recomposition protocol has a very simple template

Day 1 - PSMF type diet, low carbs, low fat, high protein. Fast from waking till supper time, consume all food in the evening (8 hour windon). No exercise

Day 2 - Fast from waking till one hour before training. Consume a carb and protein meal before training (400-500 cals). Lift using whatever split you like. Consume the rest of your calories from after the workout till bedtime. Total calories for the day would be maintenance + 25% (this number will vary depending on your goals).