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Thread: <<< Diet and nutrition FAQ - LOOK HERE before asking questions >>>

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    <<< Diet and nutrition FAQ - LOOK HERE before asking questions >>>

    Diet & Nutrition Forum - Forum-Specific Rules

    1.This forum is for questions about Diet & Nutrition. Please restrict your posts to this topic area. You can talk about routines, form, contests, etc. But keep it on point and on topic.

    2.Before you post, SEARCH. There are multiple ways to search the site... you can use the built-in search functionality (, you can read through threads with titles that look like what you might need, or you can also use Google to search the site. Go to and in the search field, type in:

    as part of your search string. This will then use Google to search through all of the forums, looking for the search terms you entered. When you post questions that have already been answered 1000 times, you not only waste the time of the kindly forum members and moderators that have to answer you, but you also irritate everyone.

    3.If you donít know what youíre talking about, DO NOT OFFER ADVICE. Donít parrot what youíve see others post, donít repost what you found on another board or in a Google search or something. The only people giving advice on this board should be people with actual experience and/or the education/research backgrounds to back up what they say. If you want to be a Google search Ďexpertí, find somewhere else to play.

    4.Be ACCOUNTABLE for what you post. Back up what you say when you give advice. If it's based on personal experience, say so. If it's based on research you've read, say so. Give us a context for what you're posting.

    5.Start threads with USEFUL thread titles if you have a question. The title should make sense and explain what youíre asking. BE SPECIFIC. As with the FAQ notes, if you're asking a diet question, tell us about who you are and provide a context for people to give you a response. Making posts in understandable English will also help you in your quest.

    6.NO THREAD DEGENERATION OR OFFTOPIC POSTING PERMITTED. If you want to joke around, go to General Chat.

    Posts and/or threads that don't conform to these rules will be moved and/or deleted.

    Where are the ARTICLES on Diet & Nutrition

    You can see ALL of our Diet and Nutrition articles at the top of this forum in the "Diet and Nutrition Articles" drop down menu box. Here you can select the diet article of your choice to read.

    You can also view the main section for our Diet and Nutrition Articles which outlines our 2 most recent diet articles here

    Remember, we also have a Diet and Nutrition archive section too. (available as a link from the main Diet and Nutrition section also)

    Where are the "best of" threads?

    This is where to look to find some of the best threads of the Diet and Nutrition forum. Enjoy!

    Want to gain weight? READ THIS before asking how!
    15 lbs in 1 month
    Gaining Mass
    What a bodybuilder eats
    Methods on accurate bulking

    Want to lose weight? READ THIS before asking how!
    So you need help with your diet...
    I'm cutting. Should I still have cheatdays every weekend?

    Tracking Calories and Cheat Days
    I'm cutting, Should I still have a cheat day?

    The timing of nutrition intake
    The Workout Window - Pre, During, and Post-Workout Nutrition

    How to set up a basic diet.

    Good Fats?
    Fish Oil (EPA and DHA

    If you'd like something added to this thread, ask a moderator.
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