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Thread: Does This Look OK???

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    Does This Look OK???

    I still think that I am spending too much time in the gym. I am considering going from a 3 day (out of 6) split to a 4 day (out of 6) split.

    NOW: Back/Bis/Traps, R, Legs, R, Chest/Shoulders/Tris, R

    PLANNED: Legs, Shoulders/Traps, R, Back/Bis, R, Chest/Tris

    Does this new split look OK? Thanks for any advice.

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    you should check out the thread about whats the best four day split. There is alot of good information there.

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    What do you plan on doing on Shoulder/Traps day? Back/Bis day?

    Will there be any overlap on the two day? Thinking about whether you'll be rested on Back/Bis day.

    Do you think you'll be able to hit the gym routinely, four days a week? I know with my work schedule that it would be pushing it to even do it three times a week on a prolonged basis.

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    i would push the shoulder up to chest/tri's day, better to rest..


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