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Thread: Bent-Over Rows, Upright Rows, (only feel it in forearms?)

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    Bent-Over Rows, Upright Rows, (only feel it in forearms?)

    When doing bent-over rows, I only feel it in my forearms when I know I should be feeling it in my lats. When doing upright rows, most of the burn is also in the forearms and a bit in the traps. What am I doing wrong?

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    You shouldn't do upright rows at all. Watch some videos on youtube to see what your doing wrong on the bent over rows.

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    Probablt not going heavy enough and your forearms are most likely not perpendicular to the ground which would explain the burn.

    or you have the grip of a kindergartener.
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    Upright rows are rough on your rotatory cuff, there are MUCH better exercises.

    Do you deadlift? How's your forearms/grip on it? If you notice the same thing...then you have a weak grip. Have you ever done weighted inverted rows? They might hit your lats better until you get some grip power to do BO Rows.

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