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Thread: Direct/Indirect arm work alternating weeks

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    Direct/Indirect arm work alternating weeks

    Yea, I know that is one confusing title, but I hate when people put: Check this out, or what do you guys think for titles...anyway,

    We have a new strength/conditioning coach at our gym and he really has some differant ideas. One of which is alternating doing direct arm work with the asociated muscles on their days. WTF does that mean in english, you ask!

    One week we do skullcrushers on the day we bench the next week we do curls. Basically one week we do accessory muscles the next we do antagonists muscles. Ya follow?

    He uses a 4 day split very similiar to BGB

    Just wondering what you all thought of this. I am a big fan of little changes to routine. I alternate bars to dumbs weekly and alternate rep/sets weekly.
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    Well I only do direct arm work every other week...

    It seems anymore there are a lot of newbie questions on here and people overlook alot of good question/discussion topics

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    Is this a BB'ing gym? Perhaps he has designed this program to keep young men engaged into believing that it requires isolation exercises to build big arms?

    If he is educated, then he knows that the big compound exercises like chins & dips are going to build bigger stronger arms then isolation. He is most likely fighting the "Muscle & Fitness/Flex" magazine mentality.

    and PS.. have him read Anthony's journal... he did an awesome experiment with chin-ups and curling about 6 months back..
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