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Thread: 2 A Week Upper Body Workout

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    2 A Week Upper Body Workout


    I'm Lance and am fairly new to organized lifting ( I know my way around a set of free weights, buts its been a couple years since I've been on any serious routine)

    My cousin and I are going to start a two a week upper body workout.

    I'm disabled (its amazing what gowing from 5'6 to 6'8 in a year and a half will do to your knees and back ), so its upper body strictly (no squats or powercleans period. Maybe some military press's)

    Now, Ive had around 140 lbs and a bench for the last couple of years, and have done enough to keep pretty good upper body tone (I havent felt like doing much else untill recently)

    Anyway, my cousins got around 275 lbs of iron weights, with an olympic ez bar and were going to go get a real straight bar (not the concrete weight POS i've had)

    I've personally been doing curls for the last couple years, and have seen significant gains. I'm to doing around 20 lb's at 12 reps for about 4 sets a 4 or five times a month. But I'm ready to step up to a more rigid routine.

    Were thinking of starting out with

    Bench press
    Inclined press
    Hammerhead curls
    Preacher curls
    Straight bar curls

    And I'm open to suggestions on anything that will make my deltoids pop. Ive been doing some lat pulls and various dumbell lifts. Ive got pretty good size and density, but i'm deffinately ready to take my pecs, biceps, and deltoids to the next level.

    I wouldnt be against some upper back excersizes to throw in thier if I feel up to it at the end

    The info I'm really looking for, is like we had in highschool. We would max out in our various workouts, and then we would have a chart that tells us how much of a percentage of our max to lift, when too lift, how many reps, how many sets, and how long untill we start upping the weights.

    Thats the information I'm after at the moment.
    It has to be for multiple body types because I'm 6'8 250 and hes probably 5'9 150. It should be pretty obvious that the same thing isnt going to work for both of us.

    Any regiments you guys have found sucess with would be appreciated, but like I said, its upper body only. I cant run lift with my knees anymore.

    Thanks Lance
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    are you in a wheel chair or something? is there no possible way to do anyting with legs even if it is really light weight or even body weight. Deff if you going to work your chest n arms there i no reason to do back and shoulders. thats all upperbody. If you really get into the lifting and get a bigger upper body and never do legs your going to be unporportional. To me that is a big thing. With you as you say you absolutely cannot do anything with your legs, it might be hard for you but its something to think about.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Lc_102 View Post
    I'm disabled (its amazing what gowing from 5'6 to 6'8 in a year and a half will do to your knees and back ), so its upper body strictly (no squats or powercleans period. Maybe some military press's)
    What was the diagnosis from your doctor?
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