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Thread: Benching technique question

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    Benching technique question

    1) When I bench, should my butt be off the bench and my weight centered on my chest?

    2) I'm currently doing 175lbs 6x3. My triceps seem to fatigue whereas I feel hardly anything in my chest, there's a considerable "pump" in the tris. My grip is already fairly wide -- pinky finger on the 2nd ring of the bar.
    i.e., feels like my triceps are doing all the work
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    You're ass should stay on the bench when you're benching.
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    weight: 143
    bench: 185
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    i let it off the bench on my working sets, it hits the chest allot harder and get allot of strength in my chest from it.
    not legal in competition though so just use it as a training tool.

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